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Other Frost/Freeze Products

NCRS PRISM Climate Data Server

NRCS National Water and Climate Center's PRISM Climate Data Server

This is a map-based interface allowing one to access various climate data for any 4km x 4km grid-cell in the contiguous 48 states.  It offers the ability to retrieve the dates of the last 28F and the last 32F in the Spring and the first 32F and first 28F in the Fall for each year from 1960 - 2001 (soon through 2006).
Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory

Purdue Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory

Submit your digital sample via P&PDL's app. The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission app is a joint effort with 8 universities to provide a way to easily submit digital images of plant problems or pests on the go. Available for iOS.

Chill Hours for small fruit crops CHILL HOUR INFORMATION:

Learning more about chilling hours (pdf). Purdue University Extension: Facts for Fancy Fruit article.
Many plants become dormant during the cool season.  If the cool season is not cool enough for a long enough period, many fruit-producing plants have a difficult time knowing when to overcome dormancy.  Like growing degree-day units that are used to track temperature differences over a certain threshold over a period of time, chilling hours offer a way to track length of exposure to optimum dormancy temperatures.  This is an article from 2012 that explained chilling hours in more detail and how the mild winter and warm spring was expected to impact various crops that are dependent upon chilling hours.
  Chilling Hours/First Frost from Texas A&M AgriLife.
  Chilling Requirements of Selected Peach Varieties, Leaflet No. 327 of North Carolina Cooperative Extension Services.
  Chill requirements for fruit types and estimated chill hour map, at Raintree Nursery website.


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