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Climate Change & Variability in the Midwest

The climate of the Midwest has changed over time since the beginning of modern records in 1895.  Presented here are maps of the state average annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation trends between 1895 and 2010. Temperature trends are shown in degrees Fahrenheit change per century, and precipitation trends are reported as inches of precipitation change per century. The monthly state average data used to calculate the trends came from the National Climatic Data Center. Click an image to see a larger version of the image.

Temperature Trends, 1895-2010

Annual Temp Trends Spring Temp Trends Summer Temp Trends Autumn Temp Trends Winter Temp Trends
Annual Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Precipitation Trends, 1895-2010

Annual Precip Trends Spring Precip Trends Summer Precip Trends Autumn Precip Trends Winter Precip Trends
Annual Spring Summer Autumn Winter

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