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Midwest Weekly Highlights - November 17-23, 2012

Light Precipitation

Precipitation totals across the Midwest were generally less than a half inch everywhere except along the western half of Lake Superior and many areas received no precipitation at all (Figure 1). The totals were less than 25% of normal for most locations in the region (Figure 2). A few inches of snow (Figure 3) fell in the upper Midwest following the passage of a cold front on the 23rd (Figure 4). The highest totals topped 5" along the shores of Lake Superior. Drought status across the region remained nearly unchanged (Figure 5).

Warm Temperatures

Temperatures ranged from well above normal in the northwest parts of the Midwest to near normal in the southeast. Temperature departures from normal topped 10°F in parts of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa (Figure 6). Dozens of daily temperature records were set late in the week, just ahead of the passage of the cold front. The records were most common from Iowa to Michigan. Temperatures plummeted on the 23rd as strong northerly winds pushed much colder air into the region.


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