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Midwest Mesonets and Specialized Instrumented Sites

Surface weather data are collected by many networks on a National or Regional Scale.  Often these data either do not include desired variables or the sites are spaced too widely to meet the needs of individual states.  Thus many states in the Midwest collect data at time resolutions of one hour or better, with many sites including relative humidity, solar radiation, soil temperature, and soil moisture measurements and estimates of potential evapotranspiration.  Select a state link for more detailed information on that network, or see the summary table below for an overview of available observations. Go to the Interactive State Mesonets Map
See the Interactive Map of Midwest Mesonets

Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kentucky • Michigan • Minnesota • Missouri • North Dakota • Ohio • Oklahoma • Wisconsin

Summary Table of Midwest Mesonets 

Near real-time/archived data available for air temperature (AirT); relative humidity (RH); wind (speed, direction, sometimes gust); precipitation (Ppt); solar radiation (Solar);leaf wetness (Leaf); soil temperature at various levels; soil moisture at various levels; derived dew point temperature (Td) and derived potential evapotranspiration (PET). Number of sites refers to in-state number. ( ) data only at a few sites.

Click on State to go to description, click on Network to see map of network stations (where available).

State Network Start
Sites AirT RH Wind Ppt Solar Leaf Soil T Soil M Td PET
IL ICN 1989 19 X X X X X   X X X X
IL CCPN 1989 25       X            
IL BEARS 1978 1 X X X X X   X X X X
IN PAAWS 1999 7 X   X X X   X     X
IA ISU_Ag 1988 11 X X X X X   X     X
IA SCAN 2000 5 X X X X X   X  X X X
KY KY Meso 2007 64 X X X X X   X X X  
MI ENWX 1992 80 X X X X X X X (X) (X) (X)
MN NDAWN 1992 10 X X X X X   X   X X
MN SROC 2000 1 X X X X X   X X   X
MN SWROC 1999 1 X     X     X X    
MN NWROC 1890 2 X X X X   (X) X   (X)  
MN MNgage 1970 1400       X            
MO* ECAAWSN 2000 30 X X X X X (X) X     (X)
ND NDAWN 1990 62 X X X X X   X   X X
OH OARDC 1989 17 X X X X X (X) X      
OK OK Meso 1992 110 X X X X  X   X  X X X
WI UWAE 1985 2 X X X X X   X     X
  • * Some Missouri stations collect fuel temperature
  • () not all sites report this parameter
  • Stations valid as of spring 2013


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