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The MRCC Application Tools Environment (cli-MATE) provides access to real-time and historical climate information. These data, combined with research models of important physical processes, enables the MRCC to produce a suite of products that allows users to monitor the climate on a near real-time basis.

The following products are available on cli-MATE. There are multiple products under some categories:

Station Data County Data

• Hourly Unedited
   Top of Hour
   All Reports
   Daily Summary
   One-day Summary Multi Stations
   Multi-day Summary Multi Stations
   One-Day Summary All Midwest Stations
• Hourly Raw METAR
• Hourly Decoded METAR
• Hourly CRN Data (4)
• Daily Data
   Between Two Dates
   Degree Data
   This Date in History
   Almanac for a Day
   Threshold Searches
• Monthly
   Between Two Months
   NCDC Normals
• Seasonal
   Growing Season Products (3)
   Timing of Seasonal Events (2)
• Annual
   Summary by Month
   Between Specific Years
• Multi-Station Summaries

• Daily Between Two Dates
Climate Division
• Snapshot
• Monthly by Year
• Chronological Listing
• Ranked Listing
• Estimated Between Two Dates
State Data
• Snapshot
• Monthly by Year
• Chronological Listing
• Ranked Listing
• Preliminary Temp and Precip
Maps of Gridded Data
• For Specific Period
• Long Term Averages
Charts and Graphs
• Annual Between Years
• Daily Between Two Dates
Degree Days Graphs
Freeze Probability Graphs
Monthly NCDC Normals

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