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How-To Guides

These guides — videos and printable handouts — from the MRCC show step-by-step instructions on how to do various weather and climate demonstrations.  You can do these demonstrations either in the classroom or at home.  Click the small image for a pdf file, or click play to watch the videos!

How to Make Precip InstrumentsHow-To Guide: How to Make Precipitation Instruments at Home
Learn how to make a rain gauge using an empty 2-liter bottle and just a few other supplies.  This guide also shows how to measure snowfall and snow depth.

How to Air Pressure DemonstrationHow-To Guide: Air Pressure Demonstrations
Through the “Collapsing Can” and “Egg in a Bottle” demonstrations, you can show how things, like the wind in our atmosphere, always go from high pressure to low pressure.

How to Greenhouse Effect DemonstrationHow-To Guide: Greenhouse Effect Demonstration
This how-to guide will show the effect that increased carbon dioxide has on atmospheric temperature, which demonstrates the natural Greenhouse Effect in the atmosphere.

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