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NEW! Midwestern Regional Climate Center How-To Guides
These printable handouts from the MRCC show step-by-step instructions on how to do various weather and climate demonstrations.  You can do these demonstrations either in the classroom or at home. 

NWS Playtime for Kids
weather activities for young people by the National Weather Service

For Kids Only
NASA earth science for kids, including the atmosphere and water cycle

SERCC Education Page
fun weather and climate games, activities and resources

NSSL Weather Room
educational resources from the National Severe Storms Lab

Basic and Advanced Weather Education
a set of educational links mostly focused on severe weather questions, sponsored by Skywarn

Dr. Dewpoint
educational pages from

NOAA Question of the Month
always interesting, and an archive is available

NOAA Education Especially for Kids
Owlie Skywarn and others teach severe weather safety for children by the NWS and FEMA

NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE)
data and information on global environmental change

Riding the Winds with Kalani - A Weather Adventure
University of Illinois Extension web site designed for 5-8 year olds with information on basic earth movements, seasons, clouds, precipitation, and temperature.

Cloud Boutique from Plymouth State College
guide to different cloud types

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
TV Meteorologist Dan Satterfield's pages for weather

EPA Global Warming Kid Site
a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency page on global warming issues

Annenberg / CPB Weather Exhibit
an introduction to some major weather topics

USA TODAY Weather Basics
great graphics and explanations for weather processes

How Stuff Works
weather and climate topics and answers to questions of the day

Global Climate Animations
patterns of climate over the course of the seasonal cycle  

Bad Science!
discussion of scientific inaccuracies that are frequently found in textbooks and classrooms

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